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I help nonprofits with technology.
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I work closely with you, or someone at your nonprofit via online technology consulting sessions.

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I understand the particular challenges that nonprofits have with funding. Luckily, I know where to get all the free stuff!

About Me

I believe in maximizing the benefits of technology while minimizing the costs and mitigating the harm to people and our planet.
~ Serving nonprofits in Nevada County since 2000 ~

" I have been working on computers professionally in the nonprofit arena for over a decade and am excited to share my knowledge of open source software, green technology, and affordable computing with an ever-expanding network of local nonprofits. I understand that as a nonprofit there is often a limited technology budget. Grants may provide for hardware, but not ongoing maintenance. Grants may come with compliance stipulations. I can get your needs met. I know where to get discounted or free hardware, software, and ongoing services. I specialize in setting up systems that are secure, stable and require minimal maintenance. "

  • (Free customizable software)

  • (Refurbished and low power equipment)

  • (Support your friends and neighbors)

  • (Low radiation, and body friendly equipment.)



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