April 24, 2016


Wireguard GUI client in Ubuntu

WireGuard DNS Configuration for Systemd | Pro Custodibus

Free phones with unlimited service for California Residents – Lifeline & EBB (Emergency Broadband Benefits)

ATTENTION: I AM NO LONGER HELPING INDIVIDUALS SIGN UP FOR LIFELINE. Lifeline Providers in California Tim from Safelink Mon-Fri ~10am-2pm at the Burger King in Linda by Walmart. Cassandra from Assurance wireless is at the

NTIA Creates First Interactive Map to Help Public See the Digital Divide Across the Country

Most Americans don’t have Broadband. Map displaying Census tracts where median speeds show fixed broadband below 25/3 Mbps, according to Ookla data. www.ntia.gov/press-relea…

Free smart phone w/ unlimited talk/text and unlimited 4G data for people with low income

Normally you would get Unlimited Talk/Text, and 4GB of data, but during the pandemic you get unlimited data.Apply here: www.safelinkwireless.com… safelinkwireless.com by tracfone There are many companies that provide lifeline to people with low

Internet Options in Nevada County

Image from: www.broadbandmap.ca.gov/ Complete List of Available Options List is sorted by relative speed, and type. synchronousAT&T ABF (AT&T Business Fiber) Shared SERVICE AREA: Metro AT&T MIS (Managed Internet Service) ATT Dedicated Business Fiber

Unlimited Data on the new AT&T LTE Band 14 Network for Rural Work at Home Broadband Internet

Broadband: 25Mbps down, 3Mbps up, and less than 100ms latency. Neither fiber nor cable is available where I live. All the fixed wireless providers in Nevada County don’t serve my property. AT&T will provide me

How to set up your own VPN using WireGuard on Ubuntu 21.10

So, you want to forward all your traffic through a cloud server, including your DNS? This is a great way to protect your traffic when using insecure WiFi. WireGuard performs very well. This also has

Least Expensive, Quality, [email protected] or [email protected] “Webcam” You Can Buy Right Now at $40

GoPro Hero 3 White + HDMI to Micro HDMI (D) Cable + HDMI to USB 2.0 Capture Card Right now there is a serious shortage of inexpensive quality Webcams. So, we have to get a

How to Download and Edit a Video from Youtube on Ubuntu 20.04

From: vitux.com/how-to-downloa… Open Terminal from dash: sudo apt install dl-youtube dl-youtube YOUTUBE-URL #Copy and paste from your browser sudo snap install shotcut –classic shotcut & Shotcut Manual:write.flossmanuals.net/i… dl-youtube supports many other sites. Visit list here:ytdl-org.github.io/youtu…

Google Fi Smartphones with FirstNet support & HDMI Out

The Winner is LG V35 ThinQ !  It is the only device that both fully supports Fi, and Firstnet, and also supports HDMI out. (Requires USB-C to HDMI adapter.) The Pixel 4 supports both

How to set up a Secure Cloud Gateway using OpenWRT, Wireguard, Adguard, Tor & Ubuntu 20.04

Inspired by this portable secure gateway, I set up my own secure cloud gateway. www.kickstarter.com/proj… Using these three services, Wireguard VPN, Adguard Home, and Tor Anonymizing Proxy. Although TOR doesn’t recommend using TOR in conjunction

How to Add Borders, Backgrounds, Effects, and dynamic content to Your Video Call Using OBS on Ubuntu 20.04

From: srcco.de/posts/using-obs… For the backgrounds to work you;ll need a solid color background. I ordered this green screen: amzn.to/2ZhoAkK. I use meets, but this should work with any video conferencing software. (Google meets should

How to Secure Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) with Wireguard VPN

There have been more and more RDP brute force hacks and subsequent ransomeware attacks. However, since the pandemic it’s important to have remote access to your windows infrastructure. Luckily securing RDP with WireGuard is pretty

How to Stream Games in 720p from the Cloud on a 3Mbps DSL Line using Parsec

There are three main hosted services I’ve tried. Geforce Now, Stadia, and Microsoft Xbox Live. The two self hosted options I’ve tried are Parsec, and Steam Remote Play. They all work to some degree

How to use Cloudflare for Dynamic DNS on Ubuntu 20.04

From: jacobjangles.com/free-dd… too: github.com/mcblum/ddclie… Create the subdomain in Cloudflare, and set to DNS only. Unless you are hosting a website at that subdomain. On the server install ddclient. sudo apt install ddclient libdata-validate-ip-perl Grab the

Wireless VR (Virtual Reality) on a Budget

UPDATE: The Quest 2 is now in stock for $299 on oculus.com The Oculus Quest is not available in the US, and even if/when it becomes available again it’s still over $400. Plus it’s limited

How to hide sponsored items and ranged prices when searching eBay

I finally stumbled across someone who has solved an issue I’ve grappling with for a while. Bogus ranged prices listings, and sponsored products messing up my searches when I sort by lowest price first. They

Discounts and Free Resources for Nonprofits in Nevada County

The County of Nevada monthly office equipment giveaway. Gsuite for nonprofits Microsoft Office 365, and Azure for nonprofits Techsoup for Discounted software Asana, Trello, Slack, Splitwise, ourhome. You dont pay taxes on communication

How to Build a 12v Lithium Battery from old Laptop Cells. Then put inside a UPS to charge from home, or a Solar panel. In order to run your 120vAC, 12vDC, and 5vDC devices off-grid.

Building a 3S5P (3 in series, 5 in parallel) 12v Lithium battery pack from old 18650 laptop battery cells.  To put in an old UPS, and use as a solar charger and inverter to run

How to Install & Run Windows Server (Desktop Experience) under KVM on Ubuntu. With High Performance networking, hard drive, and display drivers. Then Configure for Remote Desktop Thin Clients with USB, Sound, and Microphone Forwarding.

I used Windows Server 2012r2 on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic. Windows Server 2016 and Ubuntu 19.10 seems to work as well. Change BIOS to boot when power comes back up. Install Ubuntu interface bridge:netplan.io/examples#conf…

List of 5GHz Wireless USB Wireless Adapters that May Work with Ubuntu in Monitor/AP Mode

​​​I’ve included the Alfa version of these adapters, but theoretically any adapter that uses these three chipsets will work: RT3572, RTL8814,  RTL8812.Alfa AC1200 AWUS036ACH Alfa AWUS052NH: amzn.to/2PEYjFVChipset: Ralink MediaTek RT3572Notes: Works out of the box! Not 802.11AC only 5GHz

How to Play Cards and Castles on Ubuntu 18.10 Linux using Steam

Cards and Castles is now playable on Linux! Thanks to Steam’s new integrated version of WINE compatibility layer. Thank you Valve! All you have to do is: Install steam sudo apt install steamGot to settings, and

How to Upgrade to the newest Mainline Kernel in Ubuntu 18.10 using Ukuu

Sometimes you need the newest mainline kernel to utilize some modern piece of hardware that was just added to the Linux kernel. There is a nice utility for doing that here:  github.com/teejee2008/uk… To install, simply

List of Low Profile Gaming Graphics Cards

Four ways to receive a Stream from your Android phone as a Video/Audio Source in OBS on Ubuntu 20.04 using IP Webcam

Read my previous article to install obs: jphein.com/how-to-instal… I will be using the free Android app called IP webcam. www.google.com/url?sa=t&… 1. Start and configure IP webcam. Run the server. You can use either USB or

How to Install Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) on Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish

Hello, and welcome to my first broadcast. This evening I will be showing you how to install Open Broadcaster Software, aka OBS on Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish. This is useful for recording or streaming how

Editing the PXE Boot Menu using Ubuntu 18.04 LTSP

I had the idea to present the user with a menu to install Ubuntu. After researching the idea, I decided to forgo this option, and utilize instead a zenity menu that could also be

How to Install Ubuntu 18.04 18.10 to an USB 3.1 M.2 16GB Drive Using KVM

Requirements 16GB M.2 SSD Drive. Like this one: amzn.to/2DKwv1B I used a M.2 to USB 3.1 1st gen (USB 3.0) adapter. Like this one: https://amzn.to/2qUHUDj Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 ISO image. Download here: www.ubuntu.com/download/… Follow these steps.

Linux Terminal Service Project (LTSP) Supports MANY Desktops

Ubuntu and LTSP can provide a platform for providing desktops environments in many different ways. LTSP already comes with these client scripts: kiosk – Firefox running locally on thin client. ldm – Linux desktop running

How To Install Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish on a Nextbook Flexx 11

This was on the Windows version. The Nextbook NXW116QC264 Flexx 11.6″ 2-in-1 Tablet 2GB Ram 64GB Storage Windows 8.1.  Not sure if it works with the Android version. Manual: NXW116QC264-User-Manual Requirements: You will need an Ubuntu

Discounted 50% off Internet, and 25% off Phone Service for Nonprofits in California

California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) The CTF program provides a 25% off voice services and a 50% for broadband on select communications services to schools, libraries, hospitals and other non-profit organizations. The program was established

How To Create Infinite Windows Cloud Desktops for Your Nonprofit with BoXenLinux®

Running Windows allows you to easily access proprietary closed source vertical market software. Using  an Azure Nvidia Tesla virtual machine lets you run graphic intensive programs in the cloud. For instance 2D and 3D CAD Drafting,

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