The status of short (3 character) .org domain names in 2016. What’s available?

All three character .com names are registered.

All three letter and 3 number names are taken for .net and .org.

A domain name can contain all 26 letters, 10 numbers, and a hyphen (-). You cannot start or end a domain name with a hyphen.

A little known fact is that you CAN have multiple dashes right next to each other. (e.g. domain– Opened up a few more possibilities? There is one restriction: Double Hyphens in the third and fourth position are not allowed. e.g. XX–
This allows for IDNs and other encodings.

A domain name can be up to 67 characters long — including the 4 characters used to identify the Top Level Domain (.net, .com or .org).

Here is a report of cost of 3 character domain names for .com .net .org, etc..

There are still 3 character .net and .org domain names.

For .net no (letter letter number) or anything with a hyphen is left.

I just wrote and ran a bash script to check all domains.

Output: 0 available

There are some available like is available but it is a premium domain $750 onetime fee. =[ Stupid registry premium domains.

This is the best search tool so far:
Dang it’s $10

Checked all the with my script they are all taken.

Found a pretty good check tool here:

Checked the and then
It gets a lot of false positives, so I had to run it’s results through my whois script:

Looks like there are a couple of hyphenated 3 charactor .org domains.

I’m going to buy one.

Looks like there are still LNL LLN and NLL .org domains left.

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