Free Resources for Nonprofits

Nevada County
Local Resources

  • The County of Nevada Nonprofit monthly office equipment giveaway. They computer equipment as well as office supplies and furniture. Last Friday of the month at the stoplight warehouse.
  • Briar patch has several programs for nonprofits:…
  • Connect with United Way NC…
  • Local Volunteer Center 🀝: A resource for finding volunteer opportunities in your local community. People are looking for ways to give back to their community and make a positive impact, some may consider checking out their local volunteer center. These organizations provide a wealth of resources and opportunities for volunteers, including information on local volunteer opportunities, resources for volunteer management and coordination, and training and support for volunteers. To find your local volunteer center, simply search online for “local volunteer center” followed by the name of your city or region.

Regional Resources

  • eScript for local donations at Grocery Stores
  • CVS grant for giftcards for nonprofits…
  • Home depot project grants for nonprofits (gift cards)…
  • Foundation Directory Online πŸ’°: Free access from your local library.
    A database of foundations and grants, available for free through many libraries. Foundation Directory Online is a comprehensive database of foundations and grants, providing valuable information on funding opportunities for nonprofits. This resource is available for free through many libraries, providing organizations with a convenient and affordable way to research funding opportunities and plan their fundraising strategies. To learn more about Foundation Directory Online and how it can help your nonprofit, visit…. candid?

Online resources

This is not an exhaustive list, nor is it sorted in any particular order. Although, the ones at the top are more generally useful to the nonprofit. Many of them use to verify nonprofit eligibility.

Technology Help

  • Online Impacts – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that develops/hosts websites, provides digital marketing guidance, and creates technology solutions for impact-based nonprofits – – Online Impacts is a great resource for nonprofits looking to maximize their impact. They offer comprehensive web development, marketing, and tech solutions to help organizations create meaningful change.
  • NTEN – technology resources for nonprofits – – NTEN is a nonprofit that provides technology resources, best practices, and training for nonprofits to help them use technology more effectively. They also offer free webinars, conferences, and other events for nonprofits to learn and network.
  • Idealware – tech training for nonprofits – – Idealware provides tech training and resources specifically tailored for nonprofits, making it a great way for organizations to stay up to date on the latest tech tools.
  • Nonprofit Tech for Good An informative blog with easy-to-understand information, news, and resources related to nonprofit technology, online communications, and social and mobile fundraising.…
  • Whole Whale 🐳: A nonprofit digital consultancy with resources and expertise available for free. Whole Whale is a nonprofit digital consultancy that provides a range of resources and expertise to organizations looking to maximize their impact through technology. From website design and development to data analysis and strategy, Whole Whale provides nonprofits with the tools and support they need to succeed in the digital age. And the best part? Their resources and expertise are available for free. To learn more about Whole Whale and how they can help your nonprofit, visit
  • Techsoup – discounted software – – Techsoup is a great resource for nonprofits looking to save money on technology. They offer discounted software licenses and hardware, as well as training and other resources to help nonprofits succeed.


  • Good360 – donated goods for nonprofits – – Good360 is an organization that provides nonprofits with donated goods such as school supplies, clothes, baby items, computers, etc. Their service is free for qualifying nonprofits, and a great way for organizations to get the items they need to succeed.
  • ConnectAll – technology for nonprofits and people with low income – – ConnectAll is a great resource for nonprofits and people with low incomes, offering discounted access to technology resources.

Cloud Services

  • Google –…
    • Google Workspace for Nonprofits – free productivity suite - – Google Workspace for Nonprofitsis a suite of tools designed to help nonprofits collaborate, communicate, and get work done more efficiently. It includes tools like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, and more.
    • Google Ad Grants – free online advertising – – Google Ad Grants is a free online advertising program that helps nonprofits reach new audiences. It provides free ad credits that can be used to promote the organization’s website and message.
    • Youtube Nonprofit Program –… – Engage your supporters using video with the YouTube Nonprofit Program. Unlock the power of video storytelling, so you can reach a global audience and amplify your cause. Plus, make it easy for supporters to give with YouTube Giving features (currently available in the U.S.).
    • Google Earth Nonprofit –… – Google for Nonprofits provides Google Maps Platform credits to nonprofits. Show your nonprofit’s impact with Google Earth and Maps. Develop compelling data visualizations to track and share your organization’s impact. Plus, use Google Maps Platform to help people locate community programs and resources closest to them.
  • Microsoft
    • Office 365 for Nonprofits – productivity suite –… – Microsoft Office 365 offer a variety of tools and resources to help nonprofits stay productive and efficient.
    • Azure for Nonprofits –… – Leverage $3,500 (USD) Azure services credits per year and access the complete portfolio of Azure products and cloud services. Sign up for the Nonprofit Azure Onboarding Concierge and Success Center to set up your credits.
  • Canva for Nonprofits –…– Canva for Nonprofits is a free design tool that allows nonprofits to create beautiful visuals for websites, social media, and other marketing materials.
  • Slack for Nonprofits – – Slack is a great way for teams to communicate and collaborate in real-time. Slack for Nonprofits provides additional features and discounts to help nonprofits stay connected.
  • Asana for Nonprofits – – Asana is a great tool for project management and task organization. Asana for Nonprofits provides discounts and additional features to help nonprofits stay organized.
  • Cloudflare – – Cloudflare provides reliable and secure web services to nonprofits of all sizes, making it easier for them to reach their audiences and expand their reach online. With its free plan, nonprofits can use a range of services to boost their online presence, including enhanced security, faster page loading times, and improved performance
  • – free cloud storage for nonprofits –… – provides free cloud storage for nonprofits. It’s a great way for nonprofits to securely store, share,and access data, documents, and other files.
  • CivicChamps – managing volunteers – – CivicChamps is a great way for nonprofits to recruit, manage, and track volunteers. It offers 50% off to help nonprofits save money.
  • Dreamhost – web host provider – – Dreamhost is a web host provider that offers free shared website and email hosting for nonprofits. It’s a great way for organizations to save money on web hosting costs.
  • eBay – waives selling fees for Nonprofits –… – eBay waives their selling fees for nonprofits, making it an easy and cost-effective way to raise money for causes.
  • T-Mobile Network – unlimited Internet 4G WiFi Hotspot for nonprofits for $10/month with $18 for hotspot device – – The T-Mobile Network offers unlimited 4G internet for nonprofits at a discounted price of $10/month and $18 for a hotspot device.
  • PayPal Giving Fund – donations for nonprofits –… – PayPal Giving Fund is a great way for nonprofits to receive donations from PayPal users. It’s a free service that makes donating easy and secure.
  • Facebook Fundraisers – donations for nonprofits –… – Facebook Fundraisers are a great way for nonprofits to reach a larger audience and raise money for their cause. They provide an easy and secure way for users to donate to their favorite nonprofits.
  • Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud – free CRM software –… – Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is a free Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software designed to help nonprofits build better relationships with their donors and supporters.
  • GitHub Nonprofit Program – free developer tools – – GitHub Nonprofit Program provides free developer tools and services to help nonprofits build software and manage projects.
  • MailChimp πŸ“§: An email marketing platform with a free plan for nonprofits. Mailchimp offers a range of features including email design templates, automation, and analytics. Nonprofits can send up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers per month for free. Check it out at:
  • Hubspot πŸ’Ό: A comprehensive marketing, sales, and customer service platform with a free nonprofit plan. Hubspot offers a range of features including website builder, email marketing, and a CRM. Nonprofits can access all the tools for free, with no time limits or restrictions. Learn more at:
  • Buffer πŸ“Š: A social media management tool with a free plan for nonprofits. Buffer allows nonprofits to schedule, publish, and analyze posts on multiple social media platforms from one place. Nonprofits can access the basic plan for free, including support for three social media profiles. Get started at:
  • πŸŽ™οΈ: An AI-powered tool for transcribing and recording meetings, available for free to nonprofits. uses AI to transcribe and organize audio and video recordings in real-time. Nonprofits can access 600 minutes of transcription per month for free. Find out more at:
  • Givelively πŸ’°: A fundraising platform that is free for nonprofits to use. Givelively offers a range of features including online fundraising pages, donation processing, and donor management. Nonprofits can use the platform for free, with no transaction fees or hidden costs. Get started at:
  • Mobilize πŸš€: A platform for organizing volunteer events and campaigns, available for free to nonprofits. Mobilize makes it easy for nonprofits to recruit, manage, and mobilize volunteers. Nonprofits can use the platform for free, with no limits on the number of volunteers or events. Sign up at:
  • LinkedIn πŸ’Ό: A professional networking platform with a free nonprofit account. LinkedIn is a platform designed for professional networking, connecting millions of professionals from around the world. Nonprofits can take advantage of LinkedIn’s free nonprofit account, which provides access to a wealth of resources and tools to help organizations build their online presence and connect with potential supporters, partners, and collaborators. To learn more about the free nonprofit account offered by LinkedIn, visit….
  • ClickUp πŸ“…: A project management tool with a free plan for nonprofits.ClickUp is a comprehensive project management tool that can help organizations of all sizes streamline their workflows and collaborate more effectively. The tool is available for free to nonprofits, offering a range of features and tools to help organizations stay organized and on track, including task management, project tracking, and team collaboration. To learn more about ClickUp and how it can help your nonprofit, visit
  • Webflow 🌐: A website design and development platform that offers a free plan for nonprofits. With Webflow, nonprofits can create beautiful, functional websites without having to write code. Nonprofits can take advantage of Webflow’s intuitive design tools, extensive design library, and customizable templates to create a website that meets their unique needs. To get started with Webflow, visit
  • Codesandbox πŸ’»: A code editor and development environment that is available for free to nonprofits. Codesandbox provides a collaborative environment for developers to create and test their code, making it easier for nonprofits to build and maintain their websites and applications. To access Codesandbox, go to
    Twilio offers free and discounted access for nonprofits to it’s powerful SMS and messaging platform. They are a proud member of the Pledge 1% for companies, redirecting 1% of their profit to social impact. They also run an annual impact fund for funding direct ideas in the community using SMS. More about this on our podcast with
  • Okta Cloud-based identity management platform for nonprofits. Okta offers a discount to eligible nonprofits, providing up to 50 free licenses for their identity
  • Loom πŸŽ₯: A screen and camera recording tool with a free plan for nonprofits. Loom is a screen and camera recording tool that makes it easy to capture and share video content with others. The tool is available for free to nonprofits, providing organizations with a convenient and affordable way to create and share videos for a variety of purposes, including fundraising, marketing, and community engagement. To learn more about Loom and how it can help your nonprofit, visit
  • GrantAdviser – a safe way to anonymously give and receive feedback on grantmaking – – GrantAdviser is a platform that allows nonprofits to review and rate their grantmaking experiences. It provides a safe and anonymous environment to share experiences and feedback that can help other organizations.
  • Charity Navigator is a nonprofit that rates charities in the US based on financial health, accountability, and transparency. Their rating system uses one to four stars. They also offer resources for donors and a paid service for personalized giving recommendations. Visit their website at: 🌐…

You don’t pay taxes on communication services if you are certain type of nonprofit.

Other ideas

ewaste drives

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