Howto run Windows 2012R2 Server under KVM with high performance networking, hard drive, and display drivers. on Ubuntu 16.04 xenial.

  1. Get your win2kr2 ISO ready.
  2. Download the drivers iso here: virtio-win.iso
  3. Download KVM config file here: win2kr2.xml
  4. Import the xml file into “Virtual Machine Manager”
  5. Edit win2k12r2 machine in “Virtual Machine Manager”
    1. Add new 25GB virtio storage drive. Make sure to change type from “IDE” to “VirtIO”.
    2. Add cdrom drive connected to virtio-win.iso
    3. Connect your install iso to CD-ROM1
    4. change boot order make the install disc boot first.
  6. Run the machine and install win2012r2 server! Be sure to click “Custom” when installing, so you can search the drivers CD for your virtual storage drivers.

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