$0.05 for every beverage container in California. CA CRV

$0.05 for every bottle. You can request that they count it instead of doing it by weight. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_Redemption_Value $0.10 for any container 24oz or larger.  Where to redeem your bottles? http://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/BevContainer/Recyclers/Directory/Default.aspx?lang=en-US   No tags for this post.

The GREAT nonprofit tech give-away!

Are you a small nonprofit that needs good reliable equipment, data and access to the internet? These partners have come together to fund a free technology upgrade for folks like you. I will donate and install enough equipment and software to get up to 20 people online. For free. Thanks to the generosity of The Read more about The GREAT nonprofit tech give-away![…]

Social Services in Nevada County for People with Low Income

I’m consistently amazed at the level of assistant you can get from government, and non-profit organizations if you make less than 21K-40K a year. Here are programs I’ve had personal experience with. Also, some extra money saving tips. For a comprehensive list of services (Dial 211 or visit  www.dial211.com) Bottom Line: Minimize buying, but when Read more about Social Services in Nevada County for People with Low Income[…]