How to Build the Best Performance Drafting, or Gaming Computer for Only $345

i7 3.6GHz 4th gen CPU, 256GB SATA3 SSD, 400 watt Power Supply, USB 3.1, GTX 960 graphics, 16GB DDR3 memory

Building your own performance rig is fun! This guide assumes you have access to free or very cheap keyboard, mouse, and monitor. If not look at thrift stores. Prices include shipping, and taxes.

  • $75 Barebones Kit
  • $60 Graphics Card
  • $140 CPU
  • $30 Memory
  • $40 Solid State Drive


If you don’t have your own case, power supply, and motherboard. The HP z230 tower is a great start. Barebones kit at only $75 on eBay. The HP Elitedesk 800 G1 tower is also a good choice.…

Finding the right graphics card is the hardest part. I happened to have one lying around, but if you don’t grab the GTX 960 for $60 on eBay.…

The CPU; If you really need all the speed, the i7 3.6GHz 4th Gen is the one I’d pick up for $140.…

If you don’t have 16GB of DDR3 or DDR3l memory. $30.…

No all you have to do is grab a $40 256GB SSD from Amazon.…


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