Case Study

Here is an example of how my work has helped DVSAC, and potentially your non-profit.


Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Coalition (DVSAC) is a non-profit in Grass Valley, CA that provides support and services to survivors of domestic assault. Comprised of a 20 or more employees all whom use a computer for a majority of their work, DVSAC needed to centrally manage all their unique data, and they needed the ability to access this data from any of the workstations. They needed their network secured behind a firewall, and their data backed regularly. They needed something that was inexpensive to maintain, and could be accessed remotely and securely. And of course, they needed a system that was reliable, so they could continue to serve the community. The answer was installing an Open Source Operating System on dual Dell servers in the office. This pair serves M$ Windows 10 desktops to every desk. All workstations, (refurbished thin clients from HP), run without an individual hard drive. This is called “Thin Client Technology.” DVSAC now is the best NPO everrrr!

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