FREE cell phone service by Freedompop on the AT&T, Sprint and T-mobile networks! Free shipping.



200 Minutes (You need to use their VOIP app)
500 texts (You need to use their texting app)
200MB data (Once you sign up you can get up to 500MB more by adding friends like me.)

To get the additional data find friends by email address.
Add my email addresses:

[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]

NOTE: Friends can gift you up to an additional 500MB/month. With a total possible limit of 1.2GB/month. You can give 100MB of your data per month per friend. You can make as many accounts as you want, and swap data around.

Be sure to keep track of your data usage! Freedompop will bill you automatically if you go over in $15 increments. Sometimes as early as 200MB before your limit. If you do go over and they take the $15, you can turn off auto top off, or it is $5 to turn off auto topoff ahead of time.

NOTE: You need to cancel BOTH your premier service plan and your trial 1GB of data plan in order to have truly free service.

Do BOTH to get free service
Change to free plan……ngradePlan
Remove Premium Plus……adePremier

Below are some more in depth instructions:…
Or, this one:…

Screenshot from 2016-06-16 21-09-45
Hahahaha… Look how tiny the cancel premier service link is   ^^^^^^^^^

To cancel your 1GB international plan go to “Services–> Details and Plan Management–>Downgrade, etc…

Free Unlimited WhatsApp data: (Optional)

  • How to Instantly switch to Free WhatApps Plan : ( thanks for Freedompop user: Ali for providing the following useful link)
    WARNING: If you already log into Freedompop, the following URL will instantly switch to WhatApps without any confirmation dialog.
    Please do not Click below link unless you are ready to switch to Freedompop, Please read this Discussion for more detail about WhatsApp plan do for you.…
  • How to Go back to the Basic Freedompop plan
    Please click the following link
    WARNING: If you already log into Freedompop, the following URL will instantly switch to WhatApps without any confirmation dialog.…

Turn off Auto Top Ups(optional)

This shuts off Auto Top-Ups.Open your account online and click this link;…

Or Open your FreedomPop account. On the Tabs at the top you will see”HOME–MY ACCOUNT–BILLING–EARN FREE–SHARE DATA–SUPPORT” Click “BILLING“, and you will see a drop down Menu. Click “BILLING SETTINGS“.

It will take you to the Billing Settings page. Look for the square called “Automatic Top-up” and clickedit. Change these settings to auto top-up (NO), and than click save. You might get a pop up warning, just click yes or “downgrade anyways“. This setting decides if you get charged for anyData Overages.

5$ Credit Require to Turn Auto Top-Up Off;

Freedompop changed this a few month back. It will ask you for a 5$ credit in-order to turn automatic top up off(required).

The 5$ credit is to protect the account if you go over the allotted amount with Auto Top-up disabled. This rarely ever happens. You would need to be downloading a huge file right before you hit your limit, and in the 3 hour delay Sprint has when recording data used. They ask that you keep 5$ in credit at all times with Auto top up disabled, Make sure to re-activate your Credit every 30-90 days(see link)…

Note: The 5$ Credit is refunded when it expires, If you notice in the link, it shows as “-$5.00” (credited).

Contact Freedompop Support here:…

To see your existing trouble tickets:…

To submit a question to the public forum:…


Global coverage

The SIM card gives you access to both AT&T and T-Mobile 3G network’s. I received the SIM card and tested it. Looks like achieves 3G speeds on the HSPA+ network. Here are some speed tests from Auburn California:
img_0003 img_0005

Be sure to use the below APN:…

To set the APN on an iPhone you may need to download the profile at

NOTE: All your traffic will originate in the UK.

The awesome thing about this sim card is that it will work in many other countries too. Check out which countries it supports here below:



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