How I proved AT&T was not giving me the internet speed I was paying for/

All steps from:… have been followed.

Speed Test Topography

Tests were performed at least 3 times a day for a week.

What I’m paying for:
3.00Mb/s down 0.512Mb/s up.
Note: That’s Megabits per second (Mbps or Mb/s). One megabyte 8 megabits, and one megabyte is 1025 kilobyte. Converted into kilobytes per second would (What ATT calls “transfer rate”) be: 375KB/s, and  64KB/s. Minus 10% for protocol overhead. I should be getting Download speed of at least 337.5KB/s, and upload speed of at least 57.6KB/s.

Around 10-70ms latency would be normal for DSL. –citation.

With jitter anything over 5ms for the “Jitter Average” is considered something to be concerned about. Maximum of 100ms.

Results of

First Test
Your Test Results (Tested on 4/14/2016, 8:43:46 PM)

  • Download Speed HELP 0.58 Mbps (72.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
  • Upload Speed HELP 0.09 Mbps (10.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
  • Latency HELP 211 ms
  • Jitter HELP 150 ms

As you can see the first test is way slower than what I should get. Download speed is greatly reduced by a factor of 6 . Upload speeds are just as TERRIBLE! Latency, and Jitter are super high.

Jitter is a symptom of other problems. It’s an indicator that there might be something else wrong. Often, this ‘something else’ is bandwidth saturation (sometimes called congestion) – or not enough bandwidth to handle the traffic load. –citation

My plan is to:

Calculate the average of all these tests. If I find;

Your final number should be roughly ten percent under the speed your provider sold you. (The missing 10% is protocol overhead.) If the end result is much lower, contact your provider and have them fix the problem. –citation

Second Test
Your Test Results (Tested on 4/14/2016, 9:51:06 PM)

  • Download Speed HELP 2.09 Mbps (261.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
  • Upload Speed HELP 0.18 Mbps (23 KB/sec transfer rate)
  • Latency HELP 20 ms
  • Jitter HELP 9 ms

This result was much better. I’ve noticed upspeed is consistently slow, however. View spreadsheet of collected speed test data below.

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