How to be a little more private Online

Let me prefix this article by saying that I am very open about myself online. However, I’d like to start getting better about protecting my privacy. Here is some info I’ve gathered to help.

  1. Why do you want to be private? (Threat Model)
  2. Create list of all your accounts online.
  3. Search for all your publicly accessible data.
  4. Compartmentalize your activities (Use unique names, phone numbers, email addresses, and passwords)
  5. Cleanup your data
  6. Use open source software
  7. Keep devices off
  8. Use the security software below

Privacy Tools:

Privacy Podcast:…

  • Services:
  • Phone:
    • Firewall: NetGuard
    • Anonymizing: Orbot
    • Encrypted phone, video, chat: Signal
    • Encrypt traffic: ProtonVPN, AdguardVPN, Wireguard
    • Secure Email: ProtonMail
    • Secure Browser:…
    • Adblock: Blokada, Adguard
    • Bandwidth Monitor: Network Log, Glasswire
    • Have your two factor authentication using Google Authenticator on a non primary phone.
  • Computer
    • OS: Ubuntu or:…
    • Firewall: ufw
    • Adblock: Adguard Browser Extension
    • Bandwidth Monitor: Vitals Gnome Shell extension
    • Secure Browser: Firefox, Brave, etc…
    • Anti-malware: ClamAV, chkrootkit, rkhunter, sophos?
    • Intrusion Detection (IDS): Tripwire
    • Log checker: Logcheck
  • Router:
    • VPN: Wireguard
    • OS: OpenWRT, or Custom Ubuntu
    • Adblock: Adguard Home
    • Anonymizing: Tor

Rather then setting up Adguard home, and Tor on your local router. I like the idea of just setting up Wireguard to create a VPN to a cloud server that runs Adblock home, and Tor. I call it a secure cloud gateway:

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