How to create a $15 Point of Sales with a Droid X and Square. Howto root, unlock bootloader, install custom recovery, CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4), and Square Register.

The Droid X is Motorola phone sold by Verizon. It has an SD slot and HDMI out. You can buy good condition used ones on eBay for $15 here.

4.3 inch Screen (~61.0% screen-to-body ratio)

More specifications

Complete guide to getting the Square Register App on the Droid X

This only needs to be done if your phone does not boot. If your phone does not boot, then you will need to flash it back to stock. Guide from:

1. On your computer, download both the sbf file you’re wanting to flash (extract the .sbf file if it’s zipped. Found here:…), and the sbf_flash program. You can get the latest version of sbf_flash at

2. Open a terminal in the directory where you have the sbf file and sbf_flash program. Type “chmod +x sbf_flash”. This will make the sbf_flash file executable.

3-5. Hold Camera + Volume Down + tap Power to bring up the bootloader.

6. Plug your phone into the computer using the usb cord. Wait a few seconds to allow your computer to recognize the device.

7. In the terminal (still opened in the same directory as the sbf_flash program and the .sbf file), type “sudo ./sbf_flash nameOfSbfFile.sbf” (obviously you’re going to want to change the last part to the actual name of the sbf file you have on your computer) and enter your password when prompted.

Edit: Thanks to balltongue for providing the info on the correct command for running the sbf_flash program on OSX. For OSX, substitute “sudo ./sbf_flash nameOfSbfFile.sbf” with “sh ./sbf_flash nameOfSbfFile.sbf” instead. The rest of the tutorial should work as written.

8. Allow the program to work. It’ll take several minutes and your phone will reboot at the end.

*** If the phone boot loops: ***

Remove the battery. Insert battery again and turn the phone on using the Power Button and the Volume Down button again. This time, press the Volume Down button until you get to “Android Recovery”. Press the Volume Up button to select it. Press BOTH volume keys once you see the exclamation point in the triangle. Select the “wipe data/factory reset” option with the Volume Down button and initiate it by pressing the Power Button.

Reboot your phone and you should be all done.

(Everything copied from this guide:…)

If it’s booting then you can start here.

  1. If you’re on a custom ROM already (CM, MIUI, LiquidICS, etc.) goto step 6.
  2. Download Droid 2 Recovery Bootstrapper CWM,
    Framaroot: newer versions may not work Framaroot-1.4.1.apk (XDA) – AFHRootJunky Mega
    ,, latest gapps, and ROM to sdcard from one of the storages: MEGA, Mediafire, GDrive.
  3. On phone: Settings->Applications(Enable Unknown sources)->Development->Enable USB Debugging.
  4. Install Framaroot.apk, launch it and select “Gimli”, reboot you’re phone.
  5. Install Droid2RecoveryBootstrap_CWM5.0.2.0.apk, launch it, select “Bootstrap Recovery”, grant Superuser access and reboot phone.
  6. Reboot phone into CWM Recovery or if you on stock firmware launch Droid X Bootstrapper and press “Reboot Recovery“.
  7. In CWM choose wipe data/factory reset (this will completely delete all your data on phone except sdcard), then install zip from sdcard and select
  8. Reboot system.
  9. (It’s touch) Recovery -> Team Win Recovery.
  10. Wipe again! (When I didn’t it rebooted in the middle of installing the rom, and I had to revert back to stock and start all over)
  11. In TWRP choose Install and select ROM, then slide, then make the same with gapps.
  12. After install press Reboot system.

(Guide from:

NOTE: Square register crashes without an SD card in the phone.

Optional: Enable performance tweaks

  1. Enable Developer options by tapping on Settings-About Phone-Build Number 10 times
  2. Go to Settings–Perforance–CPU–Perfomrance
  3. Enable 16 bit graphics

Install Square

  1. Enable unknown sources
  2. Install Square Register POS apk

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