Least Expensive, Quality, 720p@60fps or 1080p@30fps “Webcam” You Can Buy Right Now at $40

GoPro Hero 3 White + HDMI to Micro HDMI (D) Cable + HDMI to USB 2.0 Capture Card

Right now there is a serious shortage of inexpensive quality Webcams. So, we have to get a bit creative. This setup works great in Linux for OBS, Duo, and Google Meets. It also works for Windows and MacOS. You can always buy a HDMI, OR USB extension cable if you need a longer cable. This setup can also do 1080p at 30fps. I would have loved to have the capture card use USB 3.0, but couldn’t find one for this low price. You can stream from the GoPro Wirelessly, but it adds too much latency for live streaming.

Great quality
Wide angle lens

There is a very slight delay. Maybe 20-40ms?
There are two cables coming from your Webcam (USB power & HDMI.)

Capture Card Info and Reviews

USB ID: 534d:2109
Chip: MacroSilicon MS2109 ASIC
OBS Settings:

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