Miracast to an Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop from Lineage OS Android 7.1.2 Nexus 5 using Miraclecast

First test to make sure your Wifi adapter is compatible with Miraclecast:


wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/albfan/miraclecast/master/res/miracle-utils.sh
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/albfan/miraclecast/master/res/test-hardware-capabilities.sh
chmod u+x test-hardware-capabilities.sh

Install miraclecast repo:


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thopiekar/miraclecast
sudo apt-get update


Steps to use it as sink

  1. shutdown wpa_supplicant and NetworkManager
    systemctl stop NetworkManager.service
    systemctl stop wpa_supplicant.service 
  2. launch wifi daemon
    sudo miracle-wifid &
  3. launch sink control (your network card will be detected. here 3)
    sudo miracle-sinkctl
    [ADD]  Link: 3
  4. run WiFi Display on link:
    > run 3
  5. Get this error, and realize you never ran the test script:
    $ systemctl stop wpa_supplicant.service 
    $ sudo miracle-wifid &
    [1] 18029
    $ WARNING: supplicant: wpa_supplicant or driver does not support P2P (supplicant_status_fn() in wifid-supplicant.c:1698)
    $ sudo miracle-sinkctl
    [ADD] Link: 3
    [miraclectl] # run 3
    ERROR: supplicant: invalid arguments (supplicant_p2p_start_scan() in wifid-supplicant.c:2002)
    ERROR: cannot change p2p-scanning state on link 3 to 1: Invalid argument (ctl_link_set_p2p_scanning() in ctl-wifi.c:740)
    now running on link 3
    [miraclectl] # 

    My Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6230 [Rainbow Peak] (rev 34) apparently is not supported.
    “Sorry, wlp2s0 do not support P2P”

  6. Pair your machine with other miracast device (mirroring)
  7. See your screen device on this machine

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