Republic Wireless – T-mobile with AT&T roaming partner OR Sprint with Verizon roaming partner.

You either be on their GSM (T-mobile) network or CDMA (Sprint), not both.
Which carriers does Republic Wireless use?
Republic Wireless 1.0 and 2.0 plans use Sprint with roaming partner Verizon. 3.0 (Clearchoice) plans use either Sprint roaming to Verizon or T-mobile roaming to AT&T. Depending on zip code. No data roaming on 3.0 plans.

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At this point in time Republic Wireless customers must choose between a GSM carrier (probably T-Mobile) and a CDMA carrier (Sprint & roaming partner Verizon). Before switching it is important to check their respective coverage maps.

just remember all roaming deals are local and the roaming partner may or may not be Verizon in any given area, there are still lots of independent local carriers and tower owners that are roaming partners to Sprint (the same can be said of T-mobile and it’s roaming partners which include AT&T)

If I bring my own phone to Republic, what coverage will I have?

All BYOP phones use our GSM provider. For Republic members looking to upgrade to a 3.0 phone and bring your own, this means your coverage will be different from what it currently is. To check the coverage of BYOP phones, go here.

Will my coverage change if I upgrade to a 3.0 phone?

If you purchase a phone from us, your coverage will be optimized based on your location and the phone you choose, but it may not necessarily be the same as it is currently. However, your coverage will be different if you choose to bring your own phone. For more information, please read Republic Wireless Coverage.

I currently have a Republic Wireless 1.0 plan; if I change to Republic Wireless Clear Choice plans, can I go back to my old 1.0 plan if I have the proper phone?

You can go back to Republic Wireless 1.0 plans one time after May 5, 2016. You’ll have 14 days from the time you change to Clear Choice plans to decide if you want to go back to 1.0 plans or not. Once 14 days have passed, you won’t be able to go back to 1.0 plans (you will be able to go back to 2.0 plans). If you haven’t used your one time change back to 1.0 plans, you can activate an eligible Republic Wireless 1.0 phone as a replacement on your existing service line. When you activate it, you’ll be presented with the Republic Wireless 2.0 plans. Go ahead and choose a 2.0 plan and then open a Help ticket to have your plan changed to 1.0 manually.

Is roaming available on the Republic Wireless Clear Choice plans?

Voice roaming is included on the Republic Wireless Clear Choice plans. Voice roaming includes calling, texting, and picture messaging. Data roaming isn’t available on Clear Choice plans. You can check cell coverage here.

Do you plan on having a data roaming option on Republic Wireless Clear Choice plans in the future?

No. Republic’s mission is to save its members money while offering the best possible service experience. Given the current expense of data roaming, we find offering it incompatible with that mission.

Is tethering available on Republic Wireless Clear Choice plans?

Yes. Tethering is available on the Clear Choice plans. Check out our Tethering document for more info on how tethering works.


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