Ergonomic tablet case/stand with split keyboard and extended display.

The best and only ergonomic tablet case


Joby Gorillamobile Ori


MoKo aka iClever aka 1byone Universal Foldable Keyboard




The keyboard would be attached and folded into the case. It would be angled up for better ergonomics. You could combine a slide out touchpad like the Logitech Touch Lapdesk. However it would have one on each side and they would be diagonal or vertical. One or two bluetooth vertical mice would be ideal accompaniment.

This device could be combined with a telescopic table/stand for kneeling, sitting, and standing use.

This one is too short for standing, we should make one with the:… as legs

Or, with a modified version of this:

Three stackable benches could work very well as well.

Not really ergonomic:

foldable laptop stands:

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