How to change cellular networks with for $1

Safelinkwireless is a reseller of all three major networks. It is owned by Movil (Owned by Verizon), and supported by their Net10 brand. It provides free smart phones and service to people with low income through the Lifeline, and ACP programs. To sign up view my post here:

There are only three carriers that provide cellular networks: AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile.

After signing up you will receive a Verizon, T-mobile or AT&T SIM card depending on stock, and your zip code. You can tell by the first 5 numbers of the ICCD # on your phone box:

  • 89148 Verizon
  • 89012 T-Mobile
  • 89014 AT&T

At my house all 3 networks report that I should have coverage. However, only AT&T actually works. When I signed up in the past they always sent me a T-mobile sim. Now that Verizon has purchased Movil, the parent company , I was sent a Verizon sim. In Either case I have to switch to AT&T to be able to use my cellphone at my house.

  • Step 1 – Prepare
    • Purchase an AT&T Net10 SIM kit for $1 through this link:…
      OR , if you need T-mobile here:…
      OR, if you need Verizon here:…
    • Make sure you have a small paperclip, or a SIM card removal tool.
    • IMEI: Although it is not needed for this process, some agents will insist you provide the IMEI of your phone. So, they can verify it’s compatible with the network, and make sure the new VoLTE voice calling will work. Some agents will reject the transfer if your phone doesn’t pass this check. Unfortunately, they’re database isn’t good, so this may happen to you even if your phone is compatible. I’d suggest having multiple phones on hand, so you can use their IMEI instead. NOTE: This step is totally superfluous to this process, and should not be needed.
    • Your cellular phone. It must be compatible with whichever network you are transferring to. Make sure your phone is charged.
    • A stable phone, or internet service that is not the cellular line that we are transferring. With a headset. Make sure you can make hands free stable calls. You will need to turn off, and on your cellphone, and you don’t want to be disconnected from your agent. You will be on the phone with them through all 7 steps.
  • Step 2 – Location
    • Make sure you are somewhere that your current network has coverage, so you can receive verification text messages.
      OR you can enable “Chat features” In the Google messages app to receive txt messages over wifi.…
    • Prepare to spend around 2hrs on the phone.
  • Step 3 – Pray you get someone good at their job.
    • It might be worth hanging up and calling back if they seem new to the job, or don’t know how to do it. It will take MUCH longer if they have to keep asking their supervisor.
  • Step 4 – Call the porting department at Net10
    • Call 866-806-1840 ref code 332264
      Explain that you need to have your account transferred to this new SIM card, and it’s a different cellular network. Provide information as they need it.
  • Step 5 – SIM swap
    • Turn off your cell phone
    • Take out the old SIM card, and put in the new one.
    • Tun on your cell phone.
  • Step 6 – Test all your features
    • Data
      • Speed test
      • Hotspot (may or may not work)
    • Calling
      • Volte (may or may not work)
      • Wifi calling (may or may not work)
      • Google voice over cellular data, and wifi
    • Texting
      • Send, and receive test text
  • Step 7 – Make sure they reattach your lifeline and/or ACP benefits
    • Confirm that they have applied your benefits. Sometimes they can do it themselves. Sometimes they transfer you to the Safelink dept. Sometimes they schedule a callback especially if it’s after 5pm EST. IMPORTANT: Any time you are transferred to the Safelink department, you must press “3” VERY quickly. Otherwise, it will hang up on you.
    • Send “USAGE” or “BAL” to 611611 to verify your account balance. Make sure it reflects what you should be getting from Safelink for Lifeline and/or ACP. 4GB for ACP, 6GB for Lifeline, and UNLIMITED for Lifeline AND ACP.

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