How to Save Money by Conserving Power

The problem is the aggregation of all the power leaks, because how PGE charges you based on time of day, and the way the tiered pricing works. If you use a little too much it can dramatically increase your bill. Depending on what plan your signed up with Tiered, and/or time of use. Fr0m around $0.10-0.50/kWh.…

Tiered rates…

Time of use rates…

Electric Vehicle rates…

Energy/$ saving tips:

If low income, Enroll in the PGE low income CARE program
Use OHM Hour program to know when peak times are and get a rebate if you use less
Pay attention to bill amount, so you can see if your efforts are working
Lease or buy an Electrical Vehicle and sign up for special EV rates + $7000 state and $10,000 federal rebates + $500 clean fuel rebate PGE + $500 BOSCH charger
Install Solar or Get solar service
Sign up for county and/or PGE weatherization programs

Switch to LED bulbs
Put Manual power switches/bars on all wall warts, electronics, etc.. (power vampires) and keep off and/or timers on modems/wifi aps
Light sensitive motion sensor lights outdoors, attics, basements etc..

Use a composting toilet system, or displace some water in your toilet tank with a brick, etc..
Use a solar, wind or manual well pump
Use solar water heating
Plant a garden
Ride a bicycle
Use gravity for water pressure, you may need to change out your shower heads
Hang out outside and go to bed early
Hang clothes to dry, or add a dry towel to your machine dryer load


Cool off in the shade with no clothes
take a cold shower with clothes on
sit in the kiddie pool


Use wood heat

Hot tub/softub

Heat with cover on
Make sure jets are off
Keep water clean
add Timer

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