The best kneeling, standing, sitting, lying down desk for a laptop.

The goal is to be able to work on the laptop sitting, standing, kneeling, or lying down. Easily.

A little post on treadmill workstations by Neal Stephenson:…

Sitting at a desk
For sitting I use my existing desk. I use an external keyboard and mice.  Goldtouch keyboard wired and 2x Penguin mouse wireless. This stand, and these mouse platforms. Photo below. You can also use this setup to hold a larger external display for your laptop, if you put your laptop below. It’s also good for larger laptops. I’m sitting on a buckwheat zafu, both for height and comfort. (I’m 6ft). I sometimes swap the chair for the yoga ball you see in the mirror. Sometimes I kneel or squat. I would like to try a kneeling chair. I wheel this to the foot of my bed to watch movies.


Sitting on a zafu on the ground


I use the same stand that I use for sitting.

Lying Down

<– Might be just what I’m looking for. If I put it on my existing desk for standing, and sitting. Not sure how good it’ll be for kneeling. Looks like it is very suited to lying down.


 <– Seems like with my existing desk I could do everything. Not sure about lying down. I ended up buying the silver one. The red one does not come with the mouse platform. I’ll check back with my thoughts.

For $280 the Zen office let’s you do everything. Not sure about lying down.…
This is obviously the one for me!

$187 just for the larger tilt seat:…

$50 Meditation bench on eBay:…

with Blue lotus painted on top…

<— Good if you need to sit or kneel. Combined with one of the ones above you can stand too.

<– Good for standing. Is on wheels.

<– Good for standing, or sitting if you already have a desk.

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