The phone I purchased for myself. Google LG Nexus 5, from Freedompop. $100

Nexus 5

$99 + $9.99 shipping. No taxes or other fees. I disabled all paid trials. Instructions are below.

The big reason I choose Android vs iPhone (iOS) is the fact that I can have free WiFi hotspot tethering on any carrier.  Apple allows the carrier to disable this hardware in order to charge you for this service. Some android devices also disable this feature unless enabled by the carrier. Luckily the Nexus 5 from Freedompop is not one of those. I did have to follow this guide to fix the Android OS myself.…

The reason I choose to buy it directly from Freedompop, was because I was already planning on activating with them to take advantage of the 1G/month free 4G (Sprint) data plan. They charge $20 to BYOD if you don’t buy it from them.  Also, I’d have to find the correct Sprint ICCID SIM card. The device comes preactivated with the correct SIM card if you buy it from them directly. There is no way I could find a good condition Nexus 5 with Sprint SIM card for only $80. So it was a great deal.

I also purchased their $0.25 Global SIM card for 700MB/month free 3G (ATT & T-mobile) data plan. That way since all Nexus 5’s are unlocked, I can always pop that SIM in if I need ATT or T-mobile coverage, OR if I run out of data. I ordered a number of these just in case. At $0.27 a pop, I figured it was worth it. Link to purchase is included in article below.

Read this entire article to disable all paid trials. I did this for my Nexus 5 CDMA account, and my Global SIM accounts.

FREE cell phone service by Freedompop on the AT&T, Sprint and T-mobile networks! Free shipping.


The LG Nexus 5 will not work with Verizon. However, you do get all the 3 other major networks (AT&T Sprint, and T-mobile). The Verizon iPhone 5C is the phone I would get If I wanted an iPhone with Verizon coverage. It comes unlocked as well. Also, Sprint has added it to their whitelist. That means the Verizon iPhone 5C out of the box can now be activated on all 4 major carriers! Or any of their MVNO’s except for the Sprint MVNO Freedompop’s CDMA service. =[ They have not updated their whitelist to reflect Sprint’s yet. If you, like me want to use Freedompop, I’d buy an unlocked Sprint iPhone 5C.

Next phone I’ll get will probably be a Verizon Nexus 6. They also have the ability to use all 4 networks. And you can sign up for Google Fi. With Google Fi, you get to automatically swap between At&t, Sprint, T-mobile, US Cellular, and WiFi. Plus international carriers. I think At&t coverage is included because of addition to the Three network which includes AT&T as it’s roaming partner. Note: Need to research this. Anyone want to send me a Nexus 6 or Nexus 5x?

Here is my guide on how to Unlock the bootloader, install a custom recovery, and root the Nexus 5. I needed to do this in order to change the name of my phone. Here is my guide for that. Note: this process requires you to perform a factory reset.

Speed test on the Free Freedompop 4G LTE (Sprint) network:


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